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Cursor Miner

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Cursor Miner - Library

Cursor Miner (aka Rob Tubb) is a law unto himself. 2002′s “Explosive piece of Mind” album for Lo Recordings displayed the full versatility of Mr. Miner, ranging from Beck-tinged ditties, noisy electronic interludes, a David Frost cut-up through to full electronic workouts that put many of the contemporary masters to shame. However, he seems to have become bored with that, and as a result this new EP sees him scaling a whole new tip.

The title track Library showcases a new comedic direction for Cursor Miner, extolling the virtues of the public library service. Stirring stuff! From there we go to “Our Day Will Come”, a cover of the classic and features Mr. Tubb in full crooner mode. However, if all this is a bit on the light-side for you techno-chimps, flick onto Metathon for 7 minutes of killer electro, guaranteed to make you shake your booty and kick some ass! And even after all this, there?s more. The finished CD will also feature the animated video for Library. STOP PRESS. Since the library vid has been online it has had over 15000 hits! Check it out at


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  1. Cursor Miner - Library
  2. Cursor Miner - Our Day Will Come
  3. Cursor Miner - Jokertron
  4. Cursor Miner - Metathon