Rothko - A Negative for Francis

A Negative for Francis


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Rothko - A Negative for Francis

Debut album from the awesome 3 bass rothko, melodic, intense, they create a sound all of their own.


CD Album (LCD 12)
  1. Doo
  2. Roads Become Rivers
  3. Shadowless Self
  4. Windows Doors and Other Openings
  5. Halftones and Metatones
  6. For Danny
  7. A Negative for Francis/Shot through Guaze
  8. Testcard
  9. Seventy Seven A
  10. Not growing out of growing into
  11. Eighth Electric Eel
  12. System/Post Suffix
  13. It goes Outwards
  14. Vessel Heaven
  15. Newmelodics432/Other openings
  16. Culzean