Twisted Science - Blown


Twisted Science

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Twisted Science - Blown

Jon Tye´s debut album as solo artist. A mixture of noise and breaks, textures and collage. Unwittingly prefigured drill & bass, DHR and the emergent UK electronic noise scene.

The debut full-length by Twisted Science is another work of stunning (and perhaps overwhelming) range, quickly moving from isolationist ambience to dark drum’n’bass and experimental techno with few breaks and little warning in between. A few listens and it begins to make more sense as a cohesive work, though the point on Blown appears to be the unresolved chaos inherent in different material — from breakbeat to experimental. Allmusic review by John Bush.


CD Album (LCD 04)
  1. Sex, Drugs and Science
  2. Bender
  3. Beady Eye
  4. Bad Head
  5. Laptop Swine
  6. Theme from Slow Blow
  7. Magma Hum
  8. Intermission
  9. Lube
  10. Bad Kabuki
  11. Mr. Raygone
  12. Horn
  13. Here come the pigs
  14. Fryed
  15. Fin