Various Artists - Extreme Possibilities

Extreme Possibilities

Various Artists

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Various Artists - Extreme Possibilities

As the title suggests the idea of this album was to present a diverse selection of musical possibilities, an idea which although fairly commonplace now was at the time fairly radical. Much of the stuff still sounds good, in particular bedouin ascents gentle piano piece, vibert and simmonds abstract hip hop, the arresting ambience of voafose’s ‘threpton’ and psyche & boymerangs mood music drum & bass.

Also interesting to hear omni trio in non drum & bass mode.17 tracks from: bedouin ascent, scanner, omni trio, david cunningham, wagon christ, starfungus, david toop, vibert & simmonds, peett, psyche vs boymerang, obx, mlo & jonah sharp, voafose, friends,lovers & family, daniel pemberton.


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  1. Bedouin Ascent - Compositon C for Neutral Space
  2. Scanner - Brittle
  3. Omni Trio - Sessions PT.1
  4. David Cunningham - Chapare B
  5. Wagon Christ - Flip Flop
  6. Starfungus - Intalude
  7. David Toop - Stones, Bones, and Skin
  8. Luke Vibert - Knaim'N'No
  9. Peett - Lapin
  10. Starfungus - Dancers in Halflite
  11. Psyche - X=X
  12. O.B.X - Believe (in Dub)
  13. Omni Trio - Sessions PT.2
  14. M.L.O - Prong
  15. Voafose - Threpton
  16. Friends, Lovers & Family - Homecoming
  17. Daniel Pemberton - Sunset