Georges Vert - Freak D'Espace

Freak D'Espace

Georges Vert

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Georges Vert - Freak D'Espace

Georges Vert, an enigma within an enigma...his playing has graced many of the deepest disco cuts to emerge from Europe in the last 30 years and yet he is always in the shadows, always hanging in the background providing his deeply melodic moog sounds alongside musicians like Brian Bennett, Georges Rodi and Alan Hawkshaw. His session work with Jean Claude Vannier and Serge Gainsbourg and later for Cerrone, Black Devil Disco Club and Amanda Lear spawned many all time classic tracks. Now lured out
of retirement by UK producer and musician Jon Brooks (The Advisor y Circle, Black Mustang etc), he is once again creating timeless disco gems.

The Freak D’espace EP is full of Georges’ undeniable Gallic charm, its undulating electronic textures, sensuous moog melodies and tripped out vocoders creating music that is both high art and deep disco.
Also on the EP are two remixes: Juan Trippe’s cut up 80’s New York no wave disco re work of Freak D’Espace and the lush Norwegian dub of Rune Lindbaek - his version of ‘Jovan Freak’ is perfect for chilling in the jacuzzi or throbbing gently on the dancefloor

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  1. Freak D'Espace (Juan's Golden Extension)
  2. Jovan Freak (Rune Lindbaek Nomaden Mix)
  3. Eau Sauvage
  4. Garden of Lies