Hatchback - Haiphong Boogie

Haiphong Boogie


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Hatchback - Haiphong Boogie

‘Year of The Dragon’ offers four long-playing tracks (6 including the 2 digital exclusive tracks), and listeners will be comforted by the classic analog sounds of Hatchback taken to both new heights and new depths. They will be thrown straight into the passenger seat; set adrift through misty hillsides and sun-soaked seascapes.

To the uninitiated, ‘Haiphong Boogie’ acts as a perfect entry point to Hatchbacks world—and to the new album. Inspired by the northern Vietnamese city from which the track takes its name, the driving rhythms and upbeat percussion evoke hectic street life and a steady stream of scooter traffic. The floating melodies that finally punch through point to a blissful piece of the even bigger and much more emotional picture that is “Year of the Dragon.”


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  1. Haiphong Boogie