Leo Abrahams - Halo Effect

Halo Effect

Leo Abrahams

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Leo Abrahams - Halo Effect

Like much of its parent album ‘Halo Effect’ at times feels like several tracks playing at once. In lesser hands it could be a jumbled mess but thanks to Abrahams well-honed skill in the studio the results are jarring yet equally electrifying and demand your attention. On the virtual b-side we have ‘Theory of Large Molecules’ which, title aside, comes across as less a sedate lecture on particle theory and more like an amphetamine fuelled late night TV remote rampage as discordant electronics square off against a squall of fuzzbox guitars and gut punching drums. Accompanying ‘Halo Effect’ are two remixes, multi-instrumentalist and producer Emre Ramazanoglu produces a remix that sounds like party time in the Large Hadron Collider, countless particles ricocheting off each other, all building to an ecstatic climax, meanwhile sometime Matthew Herbert collaborator Crewdson runs ‘Halo Effect’ through a sonic kaleidoscope, shattering the track into a 1000 brilliant fragments. Abrahams, who has previously played with the likes of Pulp, Brian Eno and Roxy Music, and produced artists such as Wild Beasts, Brett Anderson (Suede) and Karl Hyde (Underworld), will release his, as yet untitled, 5th album this autumn. Having previously experimented with everything from folk and art-rock to modern classical and electronica, Abrahams’ new album sees the Londoner bring his myriad influences together to produce music as inspirational as it is unclassifiable.


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  1. Halo Effect
  2. Theory for Large Molecules
  3. Halo Effect (Crewdson)
  4. Halo Effect (Emre Ramazanoglu)