Oen Sujet - Life Given to Quiet Places

Life Given to Quiet Places

Oen Sujet

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Oen Sujet - Life Given to Quiet Places

Oen Sujet are a new musical project hailing from the fertile creative pastures of Montreal, home to such artists as God Speed You Black Emperor, Arcade Fire and Chromeo. Spearheaded by composer/programmer John Winston Philips, singer Julie-Blanche Taillon and Sylvian Delisle, the lineup features up to 13 (!!) rotating members over the 5 track album.

Their meticulous, imaginative, thoughtful and perfectly formed pop music for the 21 Century leaves us blank, when we try to compare them to other artists but Robert Wyatt, Wendy Carlos, Gastr del Sol and ‘Fragile’ era Yes sometimes come to mind when we listen.

If at first ‘Life given..’ may seem a tad muso, even intimidating with it’s rich tapestry of textures, complex time signatures and witty, subtle lyrics, a few listens soon transform their labyrinthine, marathon tracks into deeply engaging mini rock opera’s perfectly suited to even the most pop tuned ear and thanks to Julie-Blanche’s impeccable and beautiful singing voice you may even find yourself singing along..

It’s synth-prog, choral-math-pop, textural electro-acoustic folk music from the future…it’s like nothing we’ve heard before…and it’s really, very lovely.

Oen Sujet are brand-fresh iPod fodder but they’ve made a start – Gigging around Canada, with a view to tour EU following the release and check out their remix of Quebec’s ‘The Banjo Consortium’ and of our sister-label’s ambient titan Susumu Yokota (A flower white EP out now on LO).


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  1. Life Given to Quiet Places
  2. Simpleton
  3. We Coloured You
  4. Bird and Binocular
  5. Colby and the Devils