Mellophonia - Lunar Landscapes

Lunar Landscapes


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Mellophonia - Lunar Landscapes

Mellophonia is Mikhail Khvasko, founder of the Mellophonia label, Russia’s foremost disco label.

With each release Mellophonia Records has been creating it’s own vibrant space in a world of melodious electronics.

To date Khvasko has released three EP’s on his label, two under the moniker Ritmolider and one as Astroport. The warm tones of 70’s electronics are embedded in Khvasko’s sound, think of the ground breaking sounds of Tangerine Dream, Conrad Schnitzler and Vangelis and you’ll find yourself floating in the world of Mellophonia.

For his latest outing, Mellophonia’s head honcho has teamed up with Damon Palermo of US avant dub pioneers Mi Ami.

The EP opens with ‘Lunar Landscape’, lush strings and warm Moog ride live disco drums, taking the listener on a journey of subtle key changes with just a dab of soundtrack grandeur. Immediate comparisons that come to mind are the spatial electronics of Roland Sebastian Faber or the orbital sounds of Sauveur Mallia.

To add new energy to the astro proceedings a remix by the legendary Black Devil Disco Club takes the listener to a brand new universe where delightful robots dance to afrobeat.

Next up the duo send the listener on an electric boogie ride.


Download EP (LODWN021)
  1. Lunar Landscapes
  2. Lunar Landscapes (Black Devil Disco Club Remix)
  3. Sky Glide
  4. Sky Glide (In Flagranti Remix)