Extra Life - Made Flesh

Made Flesh

Extra Life

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Extra Life - Made Flesh

An LP version of Made Flesh will be released on Africantape label in Europe.
More information here: http://www.africantape.com/

Extra Life is the primary musical vehicle for Charlie Looker, singer, guitarist and composer, who has become one of the most intense and respected voices in the New York experimental underground. For years Looker was a core member of legendary brutal chamber ensemble Zs and has also worked with diverse artists such as Dirty Projectors, Glenn Branca, William Parker and the S.E.M. Ensemble. Formed in 2007, Extra Life combines elements of Medieval chant, metallic hardcore, dark neofolk, abstract modernism and lush pop. The music is cosmic in scope, a sacred alchemical marriage of the earth’s crude, blackened weight and the ethereal light of the divine. Extra Life’s all-star cast also includes the following New York experimentalists: violinist Caley Monahon-Ward (Snowblink), bassist Anthony Gedrich (Stats, Ocrilim), drummer Nicholas Podgurski (Yukon), and saxophonist/keyboardist Travis Laplante (Little Women).

Extra Life’s debut full-length CD Secular Works was released in 2008 on Planaria Recordings to wide critical acclaim. Their month-long tour of the U.S. included bills alongside Carla Bozulich, Abe Vigoda, the Dead Science, Excepter, Thrones and Rain Machine. A split vinyl EP with Nat Baldwin was also released in 2008 on the Shatter Your Leaves label, followed by another U.S. tour.

In 2009 LOAF Recordings released Secular Works in Europe and Extra Life did a month-long European tour, playing festivals including Primavera Sound (Barcelona), Villette Sonique (France), Kilbi (Switzerland) and Moers (Germany) and sharing bills with Sonic Youth, Sunn 0))), My Bloody Valentine and Deerhunter.

In March 2010 Extra Life’s sophomore album Made Flesh will be released by LOAF Recordings worldwide. Both more accessible and more severe than their previous work, the record extends from fragile acoustic ballads to industrial symphonic assaults. This dramatic spectrum sets the stage for an epic lyrical meditation on themes of masculinity, power, eroticism, the body, death and mysticism. Recorded by art-metal guru Colin Marston (Krallice, Behold the Arctopus) in collaboration with Extra Life’s own Caley Monahon-Ward, the sound of Made Flesh deepens the band’s signature heaviness while also exploring more psychedelic studio treatments, electronic textures and synths.

The album’s first single “Head Shrinker” will be accompanied by both a music video by the Peking team (Glass Ghost, Here We Go Magic) and a remix by Tyondai Braxton (Battles) for Sockets Records. Other eclectic activities surrounding the release will include an R Kelly cover on a split 7-inch with Larkin Grimm for Planaria Recordings, a split 7-inch of mutual covers with Parenthetical Girls, and a remix by industrial legend JG Thirlwell (Foetus). Extra Life will tour the U.S. in March and Europe in May.


“A work of stunning drama and serious WTF?-ness.”
Plan B

“A darker, heavier Dirty Projectors backed by Torch Of The Mystics Sun City Girls.”


12" Vinyl Album
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  1. Voluptuous Life
  2. The Ladder
  3. Made Flesh
  4. One of Your Whores
  5. Easter
  6. Black Hoodie
  7. Head Shrinker
  8. The Body is True