Susumu Yokota - Skintone Collection

Skintone Collection

Susumu Yokota

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Susumu Yokota - Skintone Collection

Compiled by Ben Eshmade from Classic FM’s The Chiller Cabinet, this selection demonstrates perfectly why Yokota is held in such high regard by so many. Truly sumptuous yet never sickly. Yokota’s music seems to exist in a parallel universe with it’s own language and logic. Gently stretching and pushing musical boundaries to create new shapes and textures. This album precedes the new Yokota album ‘Love Or Die’ which contains even more ambient miracles of melody and space. Admirers of his music include Thom Yorke, Philip Glass, Eno and Bjork not to mention a legion of reviewers.


Below is just a fraction of the praise hurled at Yokota over the past few years:

‘a master of subtlety...far more than a Hooked on Classics for the laptop generation’ Uncut ‘elegant and experimental...gorgeous’ BBCi Collective

“sexy and funny...Image’s micro mood engineering is pure phantasmal pop, a compelling tour of musical dustworlds. It makes you itch to hear whatever ivory dice Yokota rolls out next” Ian Penman, The Wire

“the Japanese dream forger has proved that minimalism in all spheres has a transfixing meeting point. Captivating”
Kevin Martin, Top

“A stunningly beautiful record.....Susumu Yokota continues to show himself as one of the most gifted producers on the plan-B


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  1. Susumu Yokota - Kodomotachi
  2. Susumu Yokota - Amanogawa 1997
  3. Susumu Yokota - Card Nation
  4. Susumu Yokota - Illusion River
  5. Susumu Yokota - Live Echo
  6. Susumu Yokota - purple rose minuet
  7. Susumu Yokota - Sentiero
  8. Susumu Yokota - Saku
  9. Susumu Yokota - Kawano Hotorino Kinoshitade 1998
  10. Susumu Yokota - King Dragonfly
  11. Susumu Yokota - Iconic Air
  12. Susumu Yokota - Holy Ground
  13. Susumu Yokota - A Heart-warming and Beautiful Flower Will Eventually Wither Away and Become Dirt
  14. Susumu Yokota - Hagoromo