James Rutledge - The Great Ecstacy Of

The Great Ecstacy Of

James Rutledge

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James Rutledge - The Great Ecstacy Of

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Who is James Rutledge and what is his Great Ecstasy? Whither does it come from? Is it sexual, religious, drug fueled or purely a musical ecstasy? I’m sure you know the answer: it’s the sound of a young man
lost in a sea of moody noise noodle, in over his head and almost drowning in a dense musical trope.

You think you know James Rutledge? There’s no doubt he’s an arty fucker… In the past James has released obscure sample based collage records under the name Pedro but recently took a right turn and
remixed loads of trendy bands like Bloc Party, MGMT and Telepathe. Hell, he’s even done a four-hour remix of Radiohead! And he’s in the NME’s Future 50 list as well as Urb’s Next 100.

But enough of all this media hype! His Great Ecstasy album is something altogether OTHER: music you can bathe in like it was ass’s milk and you were Queen Cleopatra. A massive drumless soundscape
built out of guitars, pedals and vintage synthesizers - like a great forest you could get lost in for weeks.

We’ve even gone to the trouble of releasing it on cassette because it sounds SO lush compared to mp3s or compact discs. Just buy yourself an old tape deck or Walkman, pop on some headphones and be cast
adrift on analogue bliss. OK, so it’ll also be available as a download (free for those who purchase the cassette/poster) for all the computer freaks.

The physical format comes with a specially commissioned exclusive poster, created by Hisham Bharoocha, a Brooklyn based artist and ex-member of Black Dice and Lightning Bolt (he now has his own
group Soft Circle who we’ll be working with later in 2009). Is that enough information? We could wibble on about how fans of Eno, Beck, Fuck Buttons, Glass, Growing, Metal Machine Music, Reich, Sonic Youth etc. might dig this record… But really, who cares? Just cast off your earthly shackles and get ecstatic. Become one with James and share in his Great Ecstasy.


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  1. James Rutledge - Out the Magik Window
  2. James Rutledge - Playing Field Ghost