Omo - The White Album

The White Album


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Omo - The White Album

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“The White Album” is an album full of spiky little pop gems - like a collaboration of Laurie Anderson and Young Marble Giants, mixed by Ricardo Villalobos, occasionally joined by Enoch Light on vibes and Raymond Scott on synthesiser.

There’s something strangely emotional about Omo’s music, something beautiful, sunny - but never twee. Full of surprising juxtapositions and lyrical dexterity, ‘The White Album’ is an album that expands your universe whilst you sit comfortably in your own space. Omo is a duo comprised of Berit Immig (also a member of pan-European rockers The Chap) and David Muth, both previously members of London based band Karamasov (Satellite Records).

Together they make music they describe as ‘Domestic Pop for Domestic Occasions’ - not the kind of ‘pop’ made by Girls Aloud, nevertheless unforgettable once tasted.

If you’re looking for music with depth and character, that is fun and wants to get to know you, meet Omo.


CD Album (LOAF32)
  1. OMO - Live Show
  2. OMO - 2PM
  3. OMO - ROV
  4. OMO - Oversized (Album Version)
  5. OMO - König
  6. OMO - Tea Break
  7. OMO - Her Body
  8. OMO - Fish in the Tin
  9. OMO - Hairy Bastard
  10. OMO - Advantage
  11. OMO - Turtle Neck
  12. OMO - Novi Sad
Download Album (LOAF32D)
  1. Omo - Live Show
  2. Omo - 2PM
  3. Omo - ROV
  4. Omo - Oversized
  5. Omo - König
  6. Omo - Tea Break
  7. Omo - Her Body
  8. Omo - Fish in the Tin
  9. Omo - Hairy Bastard
  10. Omo - Advantage
  11. Omo - Turtle Neck
  12. Omo - Novi Sad