The Chap - We Are Nobody

We Are Nobody

The Chap

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The Chap - We Are Nobody

The Chap are nuts, right? They’re so weird that even guys who are pretty weird themselves think The Chap are weird. They don’t even look like they play in a band!

‘We Are nobody’ contains 11 beautiful statements of loss, dislocation, nostalgia and defeat, mostly in a traditional pop song format and embedded in a surprisingly soothing and restrained sonic environment.

The Chap are weird, right? So, making a serious pop record, is that going to work? You bet it is. For the human experience is a very weird thing and long ago the Chap, with their extraordinary musical versatility and deadpan delivery, made it their mission to condense that weirdness into breathtaking music. Be it in a hyperactive, humorous way or, as beautifully done here, a melancholy, introspective way.


CD Album (LCD89)
  1. The Chap - Rhythm King
  2. The Chap - What Did We Do?
  3. The Chap - Better Place
  4. The Chap - Talk Back
  5. The Chap - We Are Nobody
  6. The Chap - Curtains
  7. The Chap - Painkiller
  8. The Chap - Running With Me
  9. The Chap - Hands Free
  10. The Chap - Look at the Girl
  11. The Chap - This Is Sick