Various Artists - Winter Blanket

Winter Blanket

Various Artists

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Various Artists - Winter Blanket

I think we can all agree it’s been a difficult year. Music has continued to be a solace moving from an important soul-enriching consumable to a vital daily vitamin to help us conquer the difficult or impossible terrain. Anyhow I digress.

As 2020 neared its end I was kindly given the key to the Lo music archive. Walking down its long dusty digital corridors I started to pull out and examine those tracks which connected with me. I used this as an excuse to pick out perhaps some of the lesser-known moments or choose older music which deserved to be re-examined and admired afresh – old music made new.

I have a real soft spot for the soulful, the spiritual, the dark and the transformative and also for the twinkle of bells ushering us from one year to another.

It was about 15 years ago I walked into the Lo offices in a pre-gentrified Shoreditch. That began a journey of collaboration that began with That Fuzzy Feeling album (some tracks of which are included here) and continues with this digital delight. Turn down the heating, grab a hot chocolate and let the Winter Blanket wrap around you….

Ben (Arctic Circle)


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  1. Rothko & Caroline Ross - An Open Breathe
  2. Grasscut - Snowdown (Adrian Crowley Remix)
  3. Theodore - After Silence
  4. Dark Captain Light Captain - Miracle Kicker (Here Be Monsters)
  5. JQ - Voices In The Dark
  6. Susumu Yokota - Love Tendrilises (Montag Remix)
  7. Motohiro Nakashima - Rain
  8. India Jordan - Rest
  9. Extra Life - Black Hoodie
  10. Moscow Youth Cult - Pet Dream With Lossy
  11. Alexandroid - While I'm Sleeping
  12. Red Snapper - Mambety (DJ Food Remix)
  13. Private Agenda - Solitude
  14. Peter Broderick - Family, Giving
  15. Hauschka and Andy Nice - Pulverschnee
  16. Richard Thomas - Absolute Winter
  17. Vincent Oliver - Her Doorbell