Private Agenda - Aura


Private Agenda

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Private Agenda - Aura

Since their work for International Feel, Private Agenda have matured into an eclectic and sophisticated outfit that surprise and delight at every turn.
The title track oozes wistful romantic melancholy, it’s synth-pop naivete with an effortlessly modern feel. Grapple provides a pounding counterpose, chronicling the wilful destruction of island environments through the folly of thermonuclear weapons testing. A fusion of krautrock and new wave results in a dream pop maelstrom. Kingfisher channels Bristolian trip hop and slick Parisian electronica taking proceedings in a downtempo direction before the lo-fi psychedelia of the Lighthouse guides us back to shore. It’s new age pop music for people who don’t like pop or new age music.


"Really into the new private agenda , will be playing this everywhere all summer."- Phil Mison


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  1. Private Agenda - Aura
  2. Private Agenda - Grapple
  3. Private Agenda - Kingfisher
  4. Private Agenda - Lighthouse